RIT Dubai Sailing Tigers

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This video had a YouTube Premiere at 10:45 a.m. during Imagine RIT 2021. During the premiere, viewers could chat live with the presenters and audience. View the chat transcript and video on YouTube

The RIT Dubai Sailing Tigers, a team of 9 engineering students along with our mentor Dr. Ghalib, are on track to represent RIT as the first team from the MENA region to participate in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is a sustainable boat racing competition that will take place in July of this year in the city of Monaco. Our large team of engineering students will give visitors a brief of our project, the innovative aspects of our boat, the engineering problems we faced, and entertain questions regarding the technology and production process. Through our exhibition, we hope to inspire RIT students to participate in future installments of the Monaco Energy Boat Competition and get involved in projects concerning sustainable marine engineering. We also hope that our aim to build a winning design to compete in the race and laying the groundwork for future RIT participation promotes research and development in renewable energy, and contributes positively to the sustainable marine industry.

3D Boat Design

Sailing Tigers team during the production phase

Current assembly showcasing the frame and hulls.

Team members Issa and Kareem discussing the boat steering mechanism

Team with project mentor, Dr. Ghalib Kahwaji


Issa Mousa,
Farooq Qasemi,
Kareem Hassan,
Fejsal Kopic,
Jenna Endoso,
Denis Borisov,
Shamsa Alshara,
Asset Semenov,
Rawan Elkaial,
Ghalib Kahwaji

Dr. Ghalib Kahwaji

Senior Design

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