Smart Pipeline Leakage Control

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The project, under the category of 'smart city use-cases' presents an innovative approach for monitoring leakage in water pipes and provides corrective actions. Powered by the Software AG Cumulocity platform and the capability of RIT Dubai's Digital Transformation Lab, the prototype used water flow sensors, microcontrollers, and valves to create a system that allows the user to interact with, monitor the state of the pipeline, and collect information from a remote location. Using IoT system and a Cloud server, remote detection and monitoring allow a more efficient detection of the leaks while being environmentally friendly and cost effective. The project has been showcased at GITEX 2020 and our third-year EE and Computing students competed against other universities from UAE.

Smart Pipeline Leakage Control - Prototype


Jinane Mounsef,
Saifeldin Hasan,
Manan Agarwal,
Huzaifa Khambaty,
Ayesha Raza,
Kajol Jethani,
Maryam Najjar

Dr. Muhieddin Amer (sponsor), Dr. Jinane Mounsef (mentor), Dr. Ali Raza (mentor)

Gitex Future Disruptor Award 2020

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