SMPTE: Behind the Scenes

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Welcome to the RIT student SMPTE chapter, a unique club which focuses on bridging the gap between the worlds of the creatives and the engineers in the entertainment industry. We bring together the strengths of colorists, software engineers, digital imaging technicians, filmmakers, post-production engineers, and color scientists. We combine all of these skillsets through regular meetings, alumni talks, workshops, events, and networking. We are at the forefront of exciting state of the art projects like on-set virtual production, evolving screenings, and a yearly camera-comparison shootout! To get involved, get in touch with a current SMPTE member or email Ricardo Figueroa, the SMPTE club advisor, at


Thomas Housel,
Dan Mullen,
Gayle McAdams,
Simon Yahn,
Gwenyth Nicoloro,
Malcolm Zale,
Ricardo Figueroa

Ricardo Figueroa

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