Vimi - Creating Mindful & Healthy Habits

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Mental health has been an enormous struggle for millions of Americans, since the pandemic hit, those numbers are rising. Our two women team decided we wanted to create a futuristic design for a mobile app and acupressure bracelet to help those struggling with anxiety attacks. Our proposed bracelet would sense an anxiety attack, and gently vibrate to prompt the user to put pressure on their P6 pressure point (in their wrist). Then complete breathing exercises, and help the user work through the situation that caused the attack in the first place with the resources found in our mobile application. Our project is called Vimi, and we want to help our users practice the art of mindfulness. Being mindful of how we're feeling can help us to achieve our goals, take precautions and feel our best self.

Visitor experience would be visiting a website that takes the viewer through Vimi, and describes how it would work, and why it is important.


Tessa Cote,
Elline Tiffany Ellison

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