Virtual Reality Planetarium


Polisseni Center - Main Arena

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Step into the VR Planetarium to explore the cosmos and learn more about the stars! Using virtual reality technology, the VR Planetarium renders a scientific representation of the night sky with stars that users can pick out to view for a closer look.

Displayed is a rendering of the Big Dipper, the seven brightest stars in the Ursa Major constellation from the perspective of a forest on the northern hemisphere. This virtual image is created in Unreal Engine, where the user can interact with the constellation to learn more about it and its stars - mapped according to the NASA Star Database.

3D rendering of Telescope in Observatory

A telescope 3D Unreal Engine object decorating the observatory map in the virtual world.

3D rendering of Red Giant Star with Educational Text

Displayed is the Unreal Engine asset of a Red Giant star with supplementary text that users will see when interacting with the star from the ground.

3D rendering of Campfire and Night Sky

Virtual reality campfire scene with a view of the night sky as seen from the southern hemisphere.


Polisseni Center - Main Arena

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Michelle Bobilev
Taylor Anderson
Zoe Caggiano

Jessica Lieberman, Joe Geigel, Jason Nordhaus, Ihab Mardini

DHSS Capstone Project

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