Vis Viva Dance Company

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Vis Viva Dance Company is a student-run club that is open to everyone, no matter the level of dance experience. The club covers a wide range of dance styles including tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, ballet, pointe, Irish step dancing and K- pop. Each semester a showcase is held to display the choreography created by our choreography committee and members. The club also performs throughout the semester at Imagine RIT and Brick City Homecoming.


Julia Geigel,
Amanda Macey,
Brianna Hicken,
Camryn Munro,
Emma Warnke,
Erin Gillette,
Kaitlin White,
Makenna Myron,
Teresa Uhl,
Abigail Murray,
Lindsay Cagarli,
Addie Schraver,
Brooke Buttner,
Lindsay Pierce,
MacKenzie Carr,
Melanie Sosa,
Nicole Such,
Sydney Geidel,
Lin Welsh,
Ashley Tucker,
Georgana Williams,
Carly Wicka,
Maryalice Ball,
Abby Wojehowski

RIT’s Vis Viva Dance Company

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