Visual Filter for Enhancing Cinematic Experience

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The exhibit is a short motion piece done as part of my grad school thesis project. The project is about developing a universal visual filter used to communicate sound ,emotion and context in movie scenes. People find it exceptionally hard to follow along specific scenes when they are void of hearing. There are scenes where the background score / music does the job of narration. But when there is no audio, an important aspect of cinema is lost entirely. The proposed idea makes it easier for people to comprehend scenes without dependence on audio, especially for hearing impaired and old people who would have to rely on reading closed / open captions. This approach provides the viewer with a dynamically changing visual queue that can replace the effect of audio to a great extent. The system makes use of colors ,shapes and rhythm of beat to communicate each of the 3 major attributes (Emotion , Context, Sound). This technology of utilizing an additional visual layer can be used widely in the digital world ,not only for movies but also for GIFs , motion posters , music videos ,or any sort of recorded content.

Ressentir - Rendered by Anirudh Srinivasan


Anirudh Srinivasan

Mentors - Adam Smith and Mike Strobert

Individual Thesis project

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