VR Circuit Designer

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We will have a video to introduce visitors to the concept of the project, as well as provide a quick demo of where the project is currently. This will include a presentation portion that goes into the background of the project, giving an idea of what inspired us as a team and how far we have come with the project. We also plan to have a poster to present a visual representation of where the project is now and the main components that allow the project to be a functioning circuit designer. The poster will have a QR code that will take the participants to a confluence page that will be filled with more documentation. This documentation will provide them with a more in-depth view of what went into creating the project.

Tutorial Workspace (Education in Progress)


Victor Western,
Jessie Chen,
Alejandro Vasquez-Lopez,
Marc Weinstein,
Ivelin Western

Yes, Jennifer Indovina (Guide)

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