Wish Guardian: Exploring Video Game Accessibility


Gordon Field House - GOR-0825

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Wish Guardian is an upcoming indie game, created by a predominantly disabled team. We want to share tips and tricks we learned about accessibility to fellow developers and gamers. Accessibility revolves around allowing people with disabilities to enjoy your game. This could be as simple as font resizing, as complex as key rebinding, or as creative as a new disability-related story line. No matter your type of game, the Wish Guardian team is here to help make it accessible to anyone.

Meet a diverse cast of characters and learn their stories.

Wish Guardian opening screen, with buttons Accessibility, Tutorial Run, New Run, and Continue

Accessibility is always the first option on any menu.

Wish Guardian accessibility menu with 6 buttons: controls, sound, visuals, instructions, difficulty, and back.

Customize your play experience with our accessibility options

Player is adjusting the text size and font. On the page is also lighting and UI selections

Under visuals, players can change text size, font, UI layout, and lighting.

Player talks to Mariah, a Black woman wearing a cowboy hat. The font size is increaded and in sans-serif.

No matter what font or text size you choose, all functionality stays the same.


Gordon Field House - GOR-0825


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