Futurists Symposium Livestream

We hope you enjoyed the livestream and the rest of Imagine RIT 2022!

The Futurists Symposium streams at 11 a.m. on festival day. In person, the symposium is held in MAGIC Spell Studios in Wegmans Theater on the RIT campus. No registration necessary to attend. Whether virtual or in person, join us for brief presentations and a panel discussion with our leading experts and notable alumni on what they see on the horizon in the areas of technology, the arts, and design. Moderated by Evan Dawson, host of Connections on WXXI Radio, the symposium features notable alumni:

  • Erin Sarofsky, Executive Creative Director & Owner at Sarofsky Corp.
  • Franklyn Athias, CTO and Senior Vice President for Xfinity Mobile Retail Convergence – XMRC
  • Aaron Gordon, Founder and CEO of Optic Sky Productions.

After this second livestream of the day, we've still got one more! The TAD Awards Presentation streams at 2 p.m.