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Microfluidic 3D Bioprinter

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Engineering, Senior Projects, Science, Multidisciplinary, STEM

Microfluidic 3D Bioprinter

Exhibit Code: ENG-1140
Zone: Engineering Park
Location: James E. Gleason Hall (GLE/009) - 1140
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

This project is focused on retrofitting an off-the-shelf printer to print biomaterials by using a microfluidic process called hydrodynamic focusing. Hydrodynamic focusing by means of disposable printheads would allow a printer to cheaply and easily print multiple biomaterials out of a single printhead. This design and prototype will serve as a proof of concept for future iterations which will be able to print multiple materials, including cells, in three dimensions, and in a sterile environment.

Reed Truax, Matthew Williams, Nicole Mazzola, Taylor Fowler, Aaron Gaylord, Moises Gomez


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