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Hot Shots! - Thermal Portraits

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Science, Photography

Hot Shots! - Thermal Portraits

Exhibit Code: GAN-2182
Zone: Artistic Alley
Location: Frank E. Gannett Hall (GAN/007B) - 2182
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

Technology that was reserved for the military just a few short years ago has now found its way into the palm of your hand. Our Thermal lmager records and displays temperatures ranging from 14F to 302F. Take a photograph of the heat generated by your own body. See the Heat!

Bob Rose, Gabrielle Brogle, Breanna Callahan, Rebekah Greenberg, Mia Guariano, Garrett Hildebrand, Zisheng Huang, Zoe Miller, Carly Nyiri, Virginia Seabright


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