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DanceSing! Choral Music with Groovin' Beats

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Art, Community, Dance, Global, Music

DanceSing! Choral Music with Groovin' Beats

Exhibit Code: SMT-0200
Zone: RIT Central
Location: Schmitt Interfaith center (SMT/016) - Allen Chapel
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

DanceSing! Classical music with groovin' beats. RIT musicians perform repertoire from the Baroque era to the present that use dance forms and that will infect our limbs with a desire to move! A cantata from the 1600's sounds like jazz; songs in Portuguese use Latin dance rhythms; a Gaelic tune invokes Celtic dance; an Arabic prayer starts slowly but ends as fast as possible; and, a contemporary "Women's Magazine Tango" gets a little naughty.

Christopher Petit


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