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 Slime Lab: A Gooey Pet Simulator

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Gaming, STEM

Slime Lab: A Gooey Pet Simulator

Exhibit Code: MSS-2150
Zone: Artistic Alley
Location: Magic Spell Studios (MSS/071) - 2150
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

At the beginning of the spring semester, our team set out to create a virtual pet simulator with an unconventional type of creature - a slime. Slimes are malleable and can constantly change shape, which in our game allows the player's slimes to take on the attributes of animals or other environmental objects. Imagine an adorable blob creature with rabbit ears, cockatoo wings, and a cat tail! Players can race these slimes or care for them, as well as collect a variety of "mutations" as they play.

Bryce Tynes, Allie Sangalli, Ethan Adler, Rohit Kaushik, Luna Tran, Tom Slavin, Owen Eastwood


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