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Virtual Reality Experience with Drone Flight

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Engineering, Senior Projects, Computing, STEM, Innovation

Virtual Reality Experience with Drone Flight

Exhibit Code: GOR - 1275
Zone: RIT Central
Location: Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR/024) - GOR - 1275
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

The Amelia Project consists of a drone taking a 360-degree view video of the lower hemisphere. This video is sent to the base station, to be viewed through a VR headset, as well as saved for later viewing. The flight of the drone is controlled by the flight controller and is independent of the view of the VR headset. The flight controller should not require previous experience in drone flight. Views within the VR headset respond to the movement of the user's head.

Andrew Nguyen, Samuel Murray, Christian Monti, Gary Werth


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