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Plan Your Day 2019


2019 RIT ARM Student Design Contest

Exhibit Code: GOR-0575
Zone: Recreation Zone
Location: Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR/024) - Main Floor
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

Be a judge and vote for your favorite student invention! Projects demonstrate how ARM technology can be used to enhance some of the tasks that we do from day to day. The vast majority of smartphones and tablets, as well as a large variety of other devices, use ARM processors. Votes will be tallied at the end of the day to select winning teams, and students on those teams will receive prizes.

Roy Melton, Lou Beato, Jay Yang, Alden Davidson, Erin Cherry, Tomer Artzi, Jake Krajewski, Thomas Cenova, Jerry Kotas, Andrew Bear, Stephen Lucas, Zeke Wright, Michael Shullick, Christopher Fernandez, Dakota Brady Folger-Reeder, Taikhoom Attar, Will Bates, Dominic Arcoraci, Anup Jonchhe, Kenneth Nepomuceno, Forrest Shooster, Richard Cloutier, Chawit Bunditwong, Brian Duffy, Micah Gorsline, Mark McCowan, Tim Render, Spencer Hall, Inderjit Singh, Lucas Smith, Carlton Matara, Nathan Schuler, Jared Wagner, Kayla Stephan, Chris Thompson, Alec England, Nick Wyble, John Judge, Justin Napieralski, Ashley Kosak, Felix Blanco, Alec Greenspan, Avinash Ananth, Josiah Klossner, Julian Caputo, Stelios Moisidis, Xavier Tarr, Katie Ward, Sam Poeppelman, MacKenzie Woodhouse, Jenny Genovese, Jordan Mack, Rachel Mock, Andrew Fountain, Tyler Czupryk, Erin Kosciewicz, Harley Olsen, Chris Hein, Rahul Shah, Alex Sarra, Rich Repka, Paul Repka, Bailey Reid, Nevin Mathew, Mark Byers


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