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Plan Your Day 2019


RIT SAE Clean Snowmobile Team

Exhibit Code: OUT-ENT1
Zone: Technology Quarter
Location: Outside (OUT/000) - Outside ENT
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

The RIT Clean Snowmobile is a competitive automotive club at RIT. Our goal is to have a vehicle that can compete and succeed in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Competition. The team designs, builds, tests, and tunes a snowmobile for competitions. Doing this helps the members learn the most about automotive industry practices, and gain hands-on experience. Using advanced modeling, analysis software, intricate equipment for static and dynamic testing for validation, RIT Clean Snowmobile members are learning how to become high caliber engineers. Come see our snowmobile on display outside in Technology Quarter!

Charles Stevens, Jason Ganje, Justin Schlanser, John Unterhalter, Lucas Miller, Austin Myers, Tanner Ling, Chris Fazio, Sandor Gamache, Jack Peters, Jeffrey phelps, Aliki Kotsakis


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