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Plan Your Day 2019


AI-Pollo Stage Mechanisms and Props

Exhibit Code: MSS-2020
Zone: Artistic Alley
Location: Magic Spell Studios (MSS/071) - 2020
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? See age restrictions below:
Age Details: **Not appropriate for children under 12**

Our space will feature stage mechanisms and props intended for the play AI-Pollo put on by the College of Liberal Arts (COLA), written by David Munnel and directed by Patricia Lewis Browne. The play is a modern story inspired by Oedipus Rex. The play is set to take place at the newly built Magic Spell Studios Sound Stage West on campus during Imagine RIT. Our group has worked to put together mechanized stage sets, doors, platforms, and props to be featured throughout this play.

Sammi Chan, Abdulmohsen Alakil, Kole Seeber, Salem Bamatraf, Gerald Garavuso, Alex Guercio, Victor Xu, Ryan Volz, Jietong Chen, Gourav Acharya


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