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Here’s what people are saying about Imagine RIT:

“Love the variety of options and the kid-friendly environment.”

“Wide variety of technology featured. Amazing technology underway at RIT. Number one school in so many important areas.”

“Great for introducing kids to the world of science and technology. Adults find it interesting, as well.”

“The volunteers and exhibitors were much more personable and outgoing than expected. This was my children’s first higher education ‘visit’ and of course, they want to go to RIT now! Part of that was because they really got drawn into the presenters’ enthusiasm of their projects.”

“My family loved the ability to see so much of the campus and the programs. With six of us we were able to find something for everyone to enjoy, and even the rain didn’t stop us from finding amazing presenters.”

“The volunteers make the day! We have brought our son every year from age 4-8 and have been blown away by the volunteers, students, and everyone that makes the day possible. Great job and we look forward to next year.”

“My son and I have been coming every year for the past 10 years to Imagine RIT. I love that the campus is opened to the public. I love the festival like atmosphere, the amount of science being displayed, and that the event is available at no cost.”

“I loved that many of the exhibits were hands on. The students explained their exhibits in language easily understood by all. They answered questions, and they were really friendly. I liked the enthusiasm they had too.”