Graduate Capstone Projects

The Capstone Project is an opportunity for students to complete their Master of Science in Professional Studies degree by addressing a practical, real world challenge using the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout their program of study.

The Capstone Project culminates with a summary “lessons learned” paper, a collection of illustrative work samples, and a presentation of the project outcomes.  There will also be a critical evaluation of the student's work from project mentor.

With such a variety of Capstone Project ideas resulting from our diverse student body, the School of Individualized Studies seeks to bring examples of these outstanding products to prospective students, the academic community, employers and other interested parties.

Capstone Project Presentations

Nikhil Venkatesan
Leading 2 Lean Transformation at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Lean Manufacturing • Project Management • Quality Control
Fall 2016

Dheeraj Ramachandra
Data Sharing Using Optical Fiber Technology in Software Industries
Telecommunication • Electrical Engineering
Fall 2016

Nihanthreddy Gongulla
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks and Counter Measures on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networks Using Network Simulator
Signal Processing and Communications • Telecommunication • Project Management
Fall 2016

Crystal Peloquin
A Model for Educational Standards in Sign Language Interpreting Training Programs
Communication and Media Technologies • Human Resource Development  • Secondary Education of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Fall 2016

Karan Chauhan
Soccer Result Analysis and Prediction
Computer Science • Big Data Analytics
Fall 2016

Gina Reeder
Registrar’s Office Customer Service Plan
Service Leadership & Innovation • Communications
Fall 2016

David Wivell
Recruiting & Enrollment Initiatives Based on Increased use of Chinese Social Media Platforms
Digital Communications • Online Marketing
Fall 2016

Shivaraju Puttaraju Chinakurali
To Set Up an Internet Service Provider (ISP) Named Air-Wire Solutions in India Using Fiber Technology
Telecommunication • Digital Systems
Summer 2016

Shrutika Thakur
Blogging for Success: Applying Marketing Strategies to Increase User Traffic
Information Technology • Marketing
Summer 2016

Jessica Klass
Developing High School Soft Skills through Engineering & Entrepreneurship
High School Engineering Education • Organizational Leadership
Summer 2016

Adam Leutenegger
The No Limbits Project
Pre-Engineering Technology Education • Curriculum & Instruction
Summer 2016

Dipak Hiralal Patel
Predicting the Stock Market Movement with Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Computer Science • Software Project Management
Summer 2016

Kartikeya Jain
"Parkinator" Parking Management Unification System PUMS
Software Engineering • Business
Summer 2016

Chethana Dilip
Pseudo Random Binary Sequence Generation using Altera DE4 Development Board
Telecommunication • Digital Systems
Spring 2016

Rachie Smania
Why is an ASL Specialist Critical?
Deaf Education • Communication
Spring 2016

Anirudh Vyas
Some Problems & Recommendations for Implementing an Effective Management Information System in Microfinance Institutes
Management Information Systems • Microelectronic Engineering
Spring 2016

Rafael Ramirez
MESCyT - RIT Scholarship Program: First Step to Reduce Brain Drain
Project Management • Lean Manufacturing
Spring 2016

Margaret Miller
A Plan for Peer-to-Peer Tutoring at Passaic County Technical Institute
Project Lead the Way • Mathematics & Education
Spring 2016

Bhavesh Vaswani
Mining and Visualizing Data for Web
Project Management • Information Technology
Spring 2016

Rachita Saboo
Hastakshar Crafts Business Plan
Communication • Marketing
Spring 2016

Susanne Fili
Converting the Syracuse VA Medical Center Institutional Review Board to an Electronic System
Clinical Research Management • Health Systems Administration
Spring 2016

Divya Ghanta
Resource Management at Enterprise Level Using Agile Methodology
Telecommunications • Management
Spring 2016

Anish Mhaskar
Streamlining Materials Delivery at End-of-Line Rectification Area for Model X Production at Tesla
Industrial and Systems Engineering • Quality & Applied Statistics
Spring 2016

Veera Kilaparthi
Exploring the Opportunities and Implications of "Mining as a Service" Layer in Cloud Computing
Telecommunication Engineering • Electrical Engineering
Spring 2016

Zhining Ya
Reducing Bar Stock Variances at JMA Wireless
Industrial Engineering • Statistics
Spring 2016

Mohamed Gassama
Development Project Management with a Risk Management Framework and Model
Project Management • Service Systems
Spring 2016

John-Paul Takats
Implementing RIT FeedMasher - A System that Aggregates and Coordinates Digital Content Across RIT
Business Marketing • Information Architecture/HCI
Spring 2016

Edwin Castaing
Automated Candy Packaging Machine Upgrade
Manufacturing • Mechanical Systems Integration • Management
Spring 2016

Flor Yismairy Guzman
Training in Customer Service for Primary Care Units of the Dominican Republic
Health Systems Administration • Project Management • Human Resources Development
Fall 2015

Eric Pastore
Uncovering Emerging Information Trends in Information Technology
Technical Information Design • Strategic Training
Fall 2015

Jeffrey Siegel
The Drive to Increase Attendance at Hockey Games
Project Management • Marketing
Fall 2015

Alec Hadden
Overcoming Installation Challenges of Strain Gaging on Aerospace Components
Project Management • Business
Summer 2015

Sean Carrington
A Model for Shared Services Between the NYS Department of Transportation, and NYS Thruway Authority
Human Resource Management • Project Management
Summer 2015

William Michael
Revitalizing a Struggling Non-Profit in the Wake of an Economic Recession
Marketing • Project Management
Spring 2015

Bethany Coate
Developing of a Strategic Marketing Plan for Recruiting Undergraduate Students to Niche Programs of Study
Product & Project Management • Interactive Computer Technologies • Communication & Media
Spring 2015

Terri Fleming
Assessment in Pre-Engineering Courses in Ohio
Pre-Engineering Education • Education
Spring 2015

Ridima Borkar
Analyzing Job Market and Trends in Distance Education
Data Management • General Management
Spring 2015

Jathin Dandeboyina
Design and Implementation of a Disaster Recovery Site for a Small Scale Organization
Network Engineering • Telecommunications Engineering
Spring 2015

Margaret Romanowsi
Designing an Effective, Repeatable Development Process for Agencies that Reduces Client Risk
Project Management • Technical Communication
Spring 2015