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The Vrui VR toolkit aims to support fully scalable and portable applications that run on a range of VR environments beginning from a laptop with a touchpad, and moving toward desktop environments with special input devices. These special input devices include space balls and fully immersive VR environments, ranging from a single-screen workbench to a multi-screen tiled display wall (CAVE). Applications using the Vrui VR toolkit are written without any particular input environment in mind, and Vrui-enabled VR environments are configured to map the available input devices to application functions such that the application appears to be written natively for the environment it runs on. For example, a Vrui application running on a desktop environment should be as usable and intuitive as a 3D application written specifically for a desktop environment.

Remote 3D video generated by Kinect cameras at each site

Remote collaboration between two sites. 3D video is generated by one Kinect camera at each site. The software is a combination of Vrui, the Vrui collaboration infrastructure, a Kinect 3D video plug-in for the latter, and a Vrui-based viewer for Doom3 maps (the map shown here is mars_city1).

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