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Kinect Hacks Developer Interviews Coming Soon mxg7505
Developer Interviews mxg7505
RBA Forecasts Slower Growth for Remainder of the Year; Riksbank Raises Rates 25 Basis Points spreadbetman
Official Microsoft Kinect SDK Released! mxg7505
Uploads for storeworld yxm7768
RIT Class Groups up! sxjics
StoreWorld yxm7768
Kinect RGB Demo Source Code jjg3359
Kinect Skeleton Tutorial jmo1533
Kinect Blocks Document jmo1533
Kinect Blocks Code jmo1533
Kinect Blocks jmo1533
Kinect RGB Demo jjg3359
Research Document pjl2676
Multi-touch Tabletop Gaming pjl2676
Historical Motion Tracking Systems mxg7505
Kinect RGB Demo jjg3359
Documentation jrs6268
Kinect Flythrough Google Earth jrs6268
Hi. cpb8010
Driver Quick Facts (Which Driver is Right for Me?) mxg7505
About Kinect@RIT jrs6268
Installing libFreeNect Drivers (Mac OS X) mxg7505
GlovePIE : FAAST :: Peanut Butter : Jelly jrs6268
Installing libFreeNect Drivers (Windows 7) mxg7505
Installing libFreeNect Drivers (Ubuntu 10.10) mxg7505
Glossary of Common Gestures mxg7505
Gestural Interface & Design Guidelines mxg7505
Teaching Kinect to recognize objects on the PC jmo1533
AR optical camouflage hack jmo1533
Quadrotor Autonomous Flight and Obstacle Avoidance with Kinect Sensor jmo1533
Port of Razorfish’s Surface Physics Illustrator (DaVinci) jmo1533
Remote 3D video generated by Kinect cameras at each site dcw4238
Playing GarageBand instruments with Kinect jmo1533
3D video stream from 2 merged Kinect cameras dcw4238
Kinect + HMD virtual reality dcw4238
World of Warcraft with Microsoft Kinect using FAAST and OpenNI dcw4238
Depth-sculpting strobe light using Kinect 3D camera dcw4238
DepthJS dcw4238
Kinect-controlled Christmas lights jmo1533
Interactive puppet prototype dcw4238
Street Fighter IV Hack dcw4238
Minority Report Holo GUI with Kinect hack dcw4238
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