Ask ITS Knowledge Base

ITS is pleased to make the Ask ITS Knowledge Base available to the campus community! Use this to find answers to common questions about ITS services 24x7. 


Launch the Knowledge Base (RIT login required)


How Do I Search?

Once you've logged in using the link above, simply enter your search terms in the box near the top of the page, then click the Find Answers button

Self Service Search Box


What Do The Different Icons Mean In Search Results?

Icon Description
Decision Tree Article Decision Tree Article - An article that will guide you through one or more questions to help get you to the correct answer
RIT article RIT Solution Article - An article created by RIT staff that has the solution to a specific question or problem
general article General Solution Article - Vendor-provided article that has the solution to a question or problem that is not RIT-specific


What If I Can't Find the Answer I'm Looking For?

Contact the ITS Service Desk! As questions come in to the ITS Service Desk, we are continually updating the information in the knowledge base to reflect the community's demand.