Managed Mac Computers


How do I know if my Mac is ITS Managed? 

There are a few easy ways to check if you have an ITS Managed Computer. While logged in you can check for Managed Software Center via Spotlight Search. Having your machine Managed means that your computer's policies and security are determined and configured by ITS.

Installing and Updating Software with the Managed Software Center 

RIT has a licensing agreements for many popular software programs. RIT-owned computers are eligible to install software without extra charge.

The Managed Software Center (MSC) lets you see what you can install yourself on your computer, and what programs you already have installed.

  1. Scroll through the list and check "Install" on any program you would like to use. Click "Remove" on programs you would like to un-install.
  2. If the software application installation does not require a restart, the "Update without logging out" button may be clicked. Otherwise, click the "Log out and update" button.
  3. MSC will install/uninstall the selected software application(s) automatically. The status can be monitored in the progress window. When MSC has completed the requested operations, it will simply disappear, and the software application will be ready for use.


If you encounter problems installing software through the Managed Software Center, or would like to request new software applications to be added, contact ITS to:

  • Troubleshoot your issue
  • Set up a 1-1 consultation
  • Receive software recommendations
  • Learn more about Software Licensing and Purchasing process at RIT


Adding a Managed Printer  

RIT has many networked printers available across campus. All printers deployed as part of the Managed Print Services Project with Xerox will be available to install on your ITS managed Mac via Managed Software Center.

If you recieve any errors, or have any issues at all, contact ITS for assistance.

  1. Identify the hostname of the printer you wish to connect to. This is often found on the blue Xerox label attached to the machine. An example hostname format is GAN-1230-PR01.
  2. Search for and launch Managed Software Center using spotlight, as mentioned in How do I know if my Mac is ITS Managed?
  3. Search for your printer name in the search box at the top of the screen.
  4. Click the Install button.

  5. After downloading the required drivers, you can select the Updates tab to confirm the printer to be installed.
  6. Click the UPDATE ALL button to install the printer drivers and the printer queue.
  7. You can confirm the installation of the printer by opening System Preferences and selecting Printers & Scanners.