Managed Print Services


RIT provides networked printers for use by RIT Faculty, Staff, and Students, across campus.  All printers that are institute owned and purchased by Information Technology Services (ITS) supported departments are considered to be a "Managed Printer."


Printer Configuration

In order to enhance the security, and reliability of these printers, all "managed printers" will be setup in a secure, and consistent, manner agreed upon through the collaboration of ITS and the Information Security Office (ISO).  These configuration settings will help ensure that documents are printed in a secure method, and not stored permanently on the device.  They also help protect the device from external, unauthorized access by requiring authentication/authorization through a print sever for printing, and restricting direct access to the device. 



There are many measurable benefits to using, and requiring authentication when printing. Connecting a computer to a centrally managed directory service, knowing as “binding a computer", allows for several key benefits when deploying computers in an enterprise environment. One of the key benefits to a bound computer includes Single Sign On (SSO) access to multiple services on the network, such as Microsoft Exchange, file services, networked printers, and software deployments. This means that a large majority of printer operations can be automated, reducing/eliminating common printing issues, and helping to make the print experience more reliable and consistent overall.


Printer Setup

To install managed printers onto your machine, you can follow the instructions here, or contact the ITS Service Desk.

  NOTE: Certain printers are by design, restricted to certain departments, or divisions. If you are unable to add a certain printer that you believe you should have access to, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

Can I print to Managed Printers from my personally owned computer or device?

No. At this time, RIT Managed Printers are only accessible by Institute owned machines which are also Managed by the RIT Management Tools. This is for auditing and security purposes, as explained above. The ability to print from unmanaged, or personal, devices is being evaluated for possible future implementation.


Does my machine need to be "managed" using the RIT Management Tools in order to print?

Yes, part of the Managed Printing initiative is centered around cost containment, securing print devices, and auditing. In order for the printers to be secure, they require authentication via a print server. Unmanaged machines are unable to authenticate with our directory services systems, and thus cannot print successfully. Additionally, the cost containment and auditing goals require high level auditing of printer(s), and workstation identities, which is only acheivable on "managed" devices. For more information about Managed Machines, please click here.