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Anti-Virus Protection

Please be aware that any machine that does not comply with RIT's security standards will be blocked from the network to protect the rest of the RIT community and its services.


RIT McAfee

Viruses, especially those spread through e-mail on susceptible systems, are a clear threat to electronic services at RIT.

For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, RIT provides McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.8 anti-virus software to help keep your computer free from infections by computer viruses, Trojan horses, and worms. 8.8 also offers buffer overflow protection, which can prevent spyware and viruses from crashing your computer. This software is very important – and it must be kept up to date to be effective.

McAfee Entrprise 8.8 is offered to students for free. It is important that students do not install this virus scanner if they have Norton or any other virus scanner currently on their computer. Having two virus scanners will dramatically decrease the speed of the system. Installing a copy of McAfee from the school will allow you to have a perpetual agreement (you do not have to keep a subscription). Students can find help if they wish to uninstall another virus scanner by contacting ITS Resnet.

It is best to update virus definitions daily and run a virus scan weekly to ensure that your computer is protected. It only takes a second to update and a few minutes to scan the machine. Taking these simple steps could prevent a time-consuming virus infection later. RIT Students may download McAfee Enterprise 8.8 for free at:



Download Location


Mac OS X

Download Location


Microsoft Security Essentials

For devices that do not have more than 1GB of RAM, we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft. This anti-virus program is updated with Windows Updates and has a real time protection feature simailr to McAfee VSE. To download this Antivirius Protection, visit Microsoft's Website here.


Other Antivirus Programs

Students can have their own Antivirus programs while on campus. These programs should have real time scanners and be updated frequently.