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IP Requests


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COVID-19 Information and Updates
The ITS ResNet office is open limited hours to start the fall semester. We have phone coverage from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and are available for 30 minute appointments for personal device support. We are not currently accepting computers in our tech center for drop-off repair service, and have temporarily suspended our in-room "house call" service offerings. To browse our self-help knowledge base or get a support ticket created, please visit

Students are provided 5 registered devices on the RIT network. These registrations should be for wired and the "RIT-Legacy" wireless SSID. Devices connected to "RIT" do not need to be registered on due to Username and Password authentication. Users who go over the 5 device limit will receive an error when trying to add another device and can request an additional IP address on that page. Resnet will review the request and send an email to the students RIT email address if the registration is approved or denied. 

Before requesting an additional IP address, try to remove old and unused devices from Once a device is removed, a new device can be added to the registration. Students should keep in mind that RIT Network Resources cannot be used for commercial purposes, such as hosting a Web Server or mining for cryptocurrencies.