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Live TV at RIT

What is Philo

Philo is a streaming service that provides RIT students with the ability to watch live television and record shows for future viewing. Students are allowed to watch live television at any time and can record up to 20 hours of television. This service is available to any RIT student with an active housing contract. This includes students living in dorms, Colony Manor, Perkins Green, Riverknoll, Racquet Club, University Commons, Global Village, and the RIT Inn and Conference Center. This service can only be used when connected to the RIT network, VPNs will not work.

Philo services are available 24 hours after the start of a RIT Housing agreement and key pickup.

How to Use

Philo is available on a variety of major platforms. The main method of watching Philo is through their webpage however there are many other ways of watching TV through Philo. Philo has applications available through both the App Store and the Google Play Store on mobile devices. In addition, Philo is available through Roku devices. The steps to set up Philo on your Roku device are listed below:

  1. Register the Roku device using For further information on this refer to the information provided under Media Streaming Devices on this website
  2. Connect the Roku to the RIT-Legacy wireless signal
  3. Add the Philo application to your Roku account via
  4. Hit the Add channel button
  5. In the Roku go to the settings and hit System Update then hit Check for Updates
  6. After it installs, Philo can be found in your Installed Channels list
  7. Launch the Philo app on your Roku device
  8. The Philo app will give you a device code
  9. Log in to on a separate computer and click the Roku Regisration link
  10. A page will pop up prompting you to enter the Device Code. Enter the code
  11. Wait a few minutes and the Roku will automatically update and Philo will be accessible via your Roku. If it does not automatically update you can try checking for updates using the process outlined earlier in this article.


As the Philo service provides access to HBO and Cinemax channels, all students are given HBO GO and MAX GO accounts. These accounts can again only be accessed on the RIT network. To set up the accounts you must follow the following instructions:

  1. Install the HBO GO and MAX GO application onto whatever device you are going to be using for viewing
  2. While connected to the RIT internet sign in as a new user
  3. It will ask for your service provider. Scroll past all of the cable services and it will start listing colleges. Hit RIT
  4. It will take you through to Philo where you need to hit log in using RIT credentials
  5. Log in using your standard RIT credentials and you will now be able to watch shows and movies through the two applications

If you have any issues or any questions or concerns dealing with Philo you can contact Resnet by visiting our office in NRH, calling us at 585-475-2600 or emailing us at