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MSDN Academic Alliance - Dreamspark


Informative message

COVID-19 Information and Updates
The ITS ResNet office is open limited hours to start the fall semester. We have phone coverage from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and are available for 30 minute appointments for personal device support. We are not currently accepting computers in our tech center for drop-off repair service, and have temporarily suspended our in-room "house call" service offerings. To browse our self-help knowledge base or get a support ticket created, please visit

What is MSDNAA?

MSDNAA stands for Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance. Some departments at RIT will provide students access to MSDNAA to download software used for course work. Software provided from MSDNAA is for non-commercial use. Students can use the MSDNAA portal to download programs such as Visio, Windows Operating Systems, Windows Server Software and other Microsoft Products.  


Am I eligible?

Eligibility is based on your RIT major and course work. To see if your department has access to MSDNAA, please visit RIT MSDN Academic Alliance (or MSDNAA Portal).

Students who are experiencing problems accessing MSDNAA will need to contact their department as they control access to MSDNAA.


Resnets Policy on MSDNAA Product Keys

Students can use their MSNDAA Windows product keys for repair service preformed by ITS Resnet. Resnet requires that the student print out the product key from MSDNAA for verification. Students are not allowed to transfer these product keys to another student or reuse the key on multiple machines. Students should read the complete EULA from Microsoft concerning each product that they are using. 


Microsoft Office

RIT MSNDAA does not include the Microsoft Office product line. Some students will have access to Service Packs for Microsoft Office listed on their MSDNAA site but will not be able to install a full version of the Office Suite. Students can purchase Office from the RIT Digital Den or directly from the Microsoft Store