Wireless Connection

ITS operates over 3,500 access points on the academic and residential sides of campus. We provide Wi-Fi 802.11 AC operating on 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums. Users have three available wireless networks that devices can connect to:

  • RIT - RIT's preferred network for all devices.
  • RIT-Legacy - For devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise (802.1X Authentication).
  • RIT-Guest - RIT's Guest Network for Visitors (Access to RIT Network Services are limited).
  • eduroam - Only for use by individuals notaffiliated with RIT, from participating eduroam institutions who are visiting the RIT campus.

Most users connecting from Windows, macOS, or Linux should connect to the wireless network RIT. Game consoles and media streaming devices usually do not support WPA2-Enterprise. These devices will have to be manually registered on start.rit.edu and use wireless network RIT-Legacy.

Students are not allowed to host their own wireless networks. For more info, click here.

Windows 10

1. Click the wireless icon on the Windows Taskbar.

2. On the left hand side, Windows will show the available networks.

Select RIT from the available networks.

4. Enter your RIT Username (without the "@rit.edu" portion) and Password.

5. Accept the RIT Wireless Certificate by clicking "Connect".

Once the certificate is accepted, you should be connected to the wireless network. Windows may prompt you 1 more time to type in the Username and Password.


  1. Click on the wireless icon on the Apple Menu Bar and select RIT.

  2. A window will pop up and ask you for your "enterprise credentials" which is where you enter your RIT Computer Account username and password. Click Join.

  3. Next, you will need to accept the Wireless Certificate by clicking Continue.

  4. Next, type your macOS username & password to store the certificate onto your machine. (If your Mac user account does not have a password, click OK to store the password.)

  5. Once the certificate has been accepted, you will be connected to the RIT wireless network,

Having problems?

If you are having any problems, please see the macOS Wireless Advanced Setup

If you continue to experience any difficulty, please feel free to stop by the Resnet office for assistance!

MacOS Advanced Setup

Advanced Setup

  1. Go to the Apple Menu Bar and select "System Preferences".

  2. Under "Internet & Network" section, select "Network".

  3. On the left hand side, select "Airport". Then click the "Advanced" button on the bottom right of the screen.
    Note: Newer Version of macOS display "Wi-Fi" instead of "Airport" in the Network Connections

  4. On this page, remove all previous connected RIT wireless networks (RIT, RIT-Legacy, RIT-Guest) from the Preferred Networks list by selecting the name and clicking the "-" button.

  5. Click the "+" button to add a new wireless network.

  6. In the window titled "Enter the Name of the Network," enter "RIT" into the Network Name box, and select "WPA2 Enterprise" from the Security dropdown menu. Enter your RIT username and password into the appropriate fields and then click OK.

  7. You may be prompted to save your RIT username and Password in Keychain. Type in your macOS Keychain password (this is normally your macOS login password). Then press the "OK" button.

  8. Press the "OK" button on the Network Window.

  9. You will be prompted to Verify RIT Wireless Certificate. Click the "Show Certificate" button.

  10. In the following Window. Select the certificate "radius.rit.edu" and then press the "Trust" downwards arrow. Then in the drop down list next to "When using this certificate:" Select "Always Trust" from the drop-down items. Then press "Continue".

  11. You may be prompted once more to enter your RIT username and password. Press "OK" after entering your login information.

  12. Once connected, the Airport icon will appear green and the Status will show Authenticated.

  13. Open your web browser and verify that you are able to access the internet.



RIT’s participation in eduroam allows members of the RIT community to seamlessly connect to wireless when they visit other eduroam participating institutions. Similarly, it provides seamless access to the RIT wireless network for people from participating eduroam institutions who visit the RIT campus.

All RIT Students, Faculty, and Staff should continue to use the RIT or RIT-Legacy wireless networks while on campus.

RIT Community Members visiting a participating eduroam institution

  1. Connect your device to the wireless network "eduroam."
  2. When asked for a username, enter your RIT username followed by @rit.edu. For example, If your username is abc1234 would enter "abc1234@rit.edu" as your username.
  3. When asked for a password, use the password for your RIT account.

If you experience any issues connecting to the eduroam network, please contact our office or the RIT Service Center at 585-475-5000.

Members of a participating eduroam institution who are visiting the RIT campus

Visitors to the RIT campus from participating eduroam institutions will refer to their local support organization and/or documentation provided by their home institution on how to connect.

A list of participating eduroam institutions can be found here.

RIT Guest Wireless Access

RIT ITS provides guest wireless access for visitors of the RIT campus. This guest network requires end users to have a mobile phone number with text messaging support. Access is granted for 24 hour periods and can be renewed after time.

Students, Faculty, and Staff members of RIT should connect to the wireless networks "RIT" or "RIT-Legacy" for full access to RIT Network Resources. 

How to connect to RIT Guest Network
  1. Connect your device to: RIT-Guest
  2. Open your web browser on your device.
  3. Enter your 10 digit mobile phone number.*
  4. Click on “I agree to RIT Terms.”        
  5. Enter your 4 digit pin on the web portal.
  6. Click Validate Pin.
  7. You will be connected to the RIT wireless network and will have access to the internet.
  8. After 24 hours of use, you will have to re-agree to RIT’s Terms & Conditions.

*Standard messaging & data rates apply. RIT is not responsible for any mobile carrier charges.