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Dialing Features & Instructions

Dialing Instructions


Campus, Local, & Long Distance Dialing

The RIT telephone system provides direct inward dialing, direct outward dialing and dialing among telephones within the system.

Callers have several options to connect with faculty, staff and students. From off campus, they can either dial the person's direct number. From on campus, the individual department or person can be reached directly by dialing their 5 digit extension number. A campus directory of faculty, staff and departments is available on line and in print form through ITS Communications Services.

For further assistance, call the RIT Service Center at x5-5000 .


Within RIT

RIT Operator (8:30am - 4:30pm, Mon. - Fri.)
Dial 0

On Campus Calls
Dial 5 then the four digits listed in the RIT directory for 475 numbers

Examples of Dialing On-Campus and Off-Campus Calls
To Dial From On-Campus From Off-Campus
Student Rooms 8-3999 758-3999
Faculty and Staff 5-5000 475-5000


Local (within Rochester local call area)

Dial 9 + 7-digit number

Local calls will be billed automatically to the RIT telephone from which you place the call. Phones with the capability of making local calls will be charged $1.50 per month for local usage.


Long Distance

  • Within 585 Area Code: Dial 9 + 7-digit number
  • Outside of 585 Area Code: Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 7-digit number

Each long distance call incurs a charge based on the duration of the call and the time of day the call is placed. The distance of the call is an additional factor for toll call charges. (Dialing the "#" sign after dialing will speed up your call.)


Toll-Free (800, 888, or 877)

Dial 9 + 1 + 800 (or 888, 877) + 7-digit number


    • Direct Call Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + local number + # (allow 45 seconds for the ringer to start)
    • Operator-Assisted Dial 9 + 01 + country code + city code + local number + #(wait for a special tone and operator to answer)
    • Directory Assistance Dial 9 + 00 (Operator will place 3rd party or credit card calls)

    International calls can be dialed directly from RIT administrative and faculty telephones that have long distance capability. To call Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and other points in the Atlantic Region, dial the same way as you dial other long distance calls within the United States. Refer to the Frontier White Pages for country codes and city codes, and for time differences from Eastern Standard Time.


    Collect, 3rd Party, or Person-To-Person

    Use the 800 # or the access code, e.g. 101XXX, that is provided by your long-distance company.

    Within the United States Dial 9 + 101XXXX + 0 + area code + phone number + #

    International Dial 9 + 101XXX + 0 + 01 + country code + area code +phone number + #


    New York State Relay Service

    The New York State Relay Service enables both hearing and speech-impaired persons to conveniently communicate by telephone -- TTY to voice or voice to TTY. A Communications Assistant relays conversations between the two parties. This service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays.

    From a faculty\staff telephone
    • TTY: Dial 9 + 5#
    • Voice: Dial 9 + 6#
    • NOTE: Pressing the "#" sign speeds the call along, but it is optional.
    From Residence Hall Rooms
    • TTY: Dial 9 + 1 + 800 + 662-1220
    • Voice: Dial 9 + 1 + 800 + 421-1220

    NOTE: A Calling Card or a valid credit card are required for long distance calls.


    Directory Assistance Dialing

    Directory Assistance inquiries are chargeable calls; they include requests for new and changed listings not found in the Frontier directory. All Directory Assistance calls will be charged to the extension from which you place the call.

    • Within the Rochester Telephone Area
      Dial 9 + 411
    • Within the 585 area code but beyond the Rochester call area
      Dial 9 + 555-1212
    • Beyond the 585 area code
      Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 555-1212
    • Hearing-impaired individuals with TTY service can call toll-free
      Dial 9 + 1 + 800 + 855-1155

      Dialing Features

      Abbreviated Dialing Lists

      You can program 10 abbreviated numbers on a personal list.

      Single or Multi-Line

      To activate

      Press *0 or PROGRAM button.

      On a separate sheet of paper, write down the outside numbers or extensions you want to program as items on your list

      To Program a list:
      1. Lift handset.
      2. Press program code *0 or use the PROGRAM button.
      3. Dial 2 (for personal list) .
      4. Dial list item number (0-9).
      5. Dial number to be stored. (Up to 24 digits).
      6. Press #.
      7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 to program additional numbers.
      8. Hang up.
      To place a call using a personal list
      1. Dial *8
      2. Dial the desired list item (1, 2, 3.)

      Abbreviated Dialing (AD)

      Programmable on a button (on a single line set).

      The 10 programmable dialing buttons are provided for one-touch dialing of frequently dialed telephone numbers, extensions and feature codes.

      To Program any of the 10 programmable dialing buttons Analog Telephones Only
      1. While on hook, press the PROGRAM button.
      2. Press button where storing number, Dial up to 24 digits, including PAUSE. PAUSE will program a 1.5-second pause.
      3. (If storing a feature access code, press FLASH if required, then dial the feature access code.)
      4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to program additional numbers.
      5. Press PROGRAM

      MULTI-LINE Telephones Only

      To Add a phone number using the programmed Auto Dial buttons on phone.
      1. Press Menu button, then press Next until you see Prog, then press that button

      2. Go to one of your program buttons on your phone (near paper template) and press that button

      3. Enter the phone number (up to 24 digits)
      4. Press # to Save

      To Program Auto Dial (AD) buttons in the Menu section

      1. Use the speaker function and Press the Menu button, then press Next, until you see somethig similar to AD2 or AD3 etc
      2. Press the AD button where storing number
      3. Dial up to 24 digits
      4. Press # key
      5. Hang up
      To Dial a number or feature with a programmable dialing button:
      1. Pick up handset.
      2. When you hear dial tone, press button where number is stored.
      To erase/replace a number stored on a programmed dialing button:
      1. Press the Menu button, then Press the PROGRAM (Prog) button.  (Screen will say: Press button to program)
      2. Go back and press the Menu button and find the AD button to be cleared and press that button (Screen will ask:  Change number? Yes=1 No=2).  Select your choice.
      3. Press the # button to Save (as the screen states)

      Automatic Callback

      Use to avoid constant redialing when you wish to speak with someone who is in and out of the office or is frequently busy on the telephone.


      Single Line

      To Activate:
      1. Press the RECALL (R) Button or Switch hook or Flash button during the call attempt. (You will hear dial tone).
      2. Dial Auto Callback Code *5 and hang up. (Confirmation tone).
      3. You will get a 3-burst priority ring when both you and the called extension are idle; when you answer, regular ringing is sent to the called party.
      To Cancel:
      1. Dial Cancel Code #5 and hang up. (Confirmation tone).
      2. Note: Automatic Callback is automatically canceled after 30 minutes. You can place only one automatic call back at a time.


      To Activate:
      1. Press (ACB) Automatic Call Back button. Your last call will be re-dialed.

      Call Forwarding

      Temporarily forwards all your calls to another extension.

      Single Line


      To Activate:
      1. Pick up the handset. (Hear dial tone.)
      2. Dial Call Forwarding Code *2
      3. Dial number where calls are to be forwarded and hang up. (Confirmation tone).
      To Cancel:
      1. Dial Call Forwarding Cancel Code #2 . (Confirmation tone).
      2. Hang up.


      Use SINGLE LINE Instructions OR

      To Activate:
      1. Press CLFWD button.
      2. Dial the extension where the calls are to be forwarded. ( Confirmation Tone)
      3. Turn off speakerphone.
      To Cancel:
      1. Press the CLFWD button.
      2. Light indicator will go off.


      Call Park

      Holds a call in the system, for retrieval at any extension.

      Single Line

      TO PARK # 1 TO RETRIEVE a parked call from any ext. #9

      To Park:
      1. Press the RECALL (R) Button or Switch hook during the call attempt Caller is temporarily put on hold. OR
      2. Press FLASH during the call attempt Caller is temporarily put on hold.
      3. Dial Call Park Code #1 . (Confirmation tone).
      4. Hang up.
      To Retrieve:
      1. Go to any telephone on campus; pick up the handset.
      2. Dial #9 and the extension where the call is parked.


      Use SINGLE LINE instructions OR

      To Park
      1. Press the button marked Cpark OR
      2. Press MENU until you reach the softkey for Cpark; depress this button.
      3. Then hang up.
      To Retrieve:

      Pick up the handset, dial the Call Park Answer Back Code #9.


      1. Press MENU until you reach the softkey for Ret Park; depress this button.
      2. Dial the extension where call is parked. (Confirmation Tone.)

      Call Pickup

      To answer a call to a member of your pickup group when your telephone is idle.

      Single Line

      To Activate: #4
      1. Dial Call Pickup code #4.
        You are connected to ringing call.

      Use SINGLE LINE instructions


      1. Press Call Pickupbutton.
      2. You are connected to ringing call.

      Conference Call

      Single Line (Analog Phone)

      Allows you to conference up to THREE parties on a call (including yourself).

      To add a third party to a call:
      1. Press the FLASHRECALL (R) Button or Switch hook during the call attempt. Present call is put on hold. (You will hear dial tone).
      2. Dial party to be added (announce call).
      3. Press FLASH.
      4. If no answer/busy, press FLASH twice to return to party.

      Multi-Line (Digital Phone has Call ID screen)

      Allows you to conference up to SIX parties on a call (including yourself).

      1. Press CONFERENCE.
      2. Present call is put on hold.
      3. You are given a new call appearance and dial tone.
      4. Dial party to be added.
      5. Announce the call.
      6. Press CONFERENCE again. (Repeat for a total of 6 parties).
      7. All parties are now connected.
      8. If party cannot join the call, press fluttering call appearance to return to the held call.
      To add a call you have put on hold to another call to which you are connected:
      1. Press CONFERENCE to put the second call on hold.
      2. Press the line appearance of the first call.
      3. Press CONFERENCE again. All parties are now connected.

      Directed Call Pickup

      To answer a call to any station on the system.

      Single Line

      TO ACTIVATE: *4

      To Activate:
      1. Dial the Directed Call Pickup code *4. (Recall dial tone).
      2. Dial the ringing extension number.
      3. You are connected to ringing call.


      Use SINGLE LINE instructions OR

      1. Press MENU, press Next and the softkey below DirCPU.


      1. Dial the Directed Call Pickup code *4. (Recall dial tone).
      2. Dial the ringing extension number, You are connected to ringing call.


      To search the directory for a name.


      Multi-Line Telephones Only

      To place a call to the name shown.

      Press MENU, press Next until you reach the softkey for DIR. Press this button.


      1. Press the Directory button
      2. Key in the selected name using the dial pad: last name, comma (use {*}), first name or initial.
      3. Press Next button for each successive directory name you wish to see.
      4. To exit the directory, press Exit.
      5. While the name is shown, press CALL DISP, while on hook or off-hook.



      Puts a call on hold until you can return to it.


      Single Line: 6220 or 8110 telephone models

      1. Press HOLD. The red light next to HOLD goes on.
      2. To return to call, press HOLD, or if you have hung up the handset; pick up handset again from the cradle.The red light goes off.


      Single Line

      HOLD with Second Dial Tone. Allows you to place another call or activate another feature while you have a call on hold.

      To put call 1 on hold and place call 2:
      1. Press FLASH. (recall dial tone)
      2. Call 1 is on hold.
      3. Note: Do not hang up or the call will be dropped.
      4. Dial *6 . (Dial Tone)
      5. Dial call 2.
      To put 2nd call on hold and return to call 1:
      1. Press FLASH. (recall dial tone)
      2. Call 2 is on hold.
      3. Dial *6 .
      4. Call 1 is reconnected.


      To complete call 2 and return to call 1:
      1. After party on call 2 hangs up, hang up.
      2. Call 1 is reconnected.



      1. Press HOLD. Green light at held call appearance flutters
      2. To return to call, press fluttering call appearance.



      To speak to someone near you without being overheard by the caller.


      Single and Multi-Line

      1. Press MUTE.
      2. The red light goes on next to MUTE; your voice is not transmitted.
      3. To reestablish 2-way transmission, press MUTE again.
      4. The red light next to MUTE goes off; caller can now hear you.


      Program Button Options

      Directory: a list of RIT Staff and Faculty phone numbers, search by last name.

      Call Display: works with the Directory button by calling the number dispayed.

      Call Pickup Ext: used to pick up another employee's cals. Provided the phone extensions(s) to be picked up from your phone.


      Single and Multi-Line

      Busy Ext: a light indicator button used to indicate when another person is on or off their phone and can be used as a speed dial button when pressed.

      Speed Dial

      Send Calls: when activated, your calls will cover directly to the next point of coverages, such as your voice mail. It eliminates or shortens the rining for caller.

      Call Forward: used to forward your calls ot another employee in case of emergency or out of office



      To automatically redial the last number you dialed (up to 24 digits)


      Single and Multi-Line

      TO ACTIVATE: #8

      To Activate:
      1. Pick up handset.
      2. Press REDIAL or Dial #8.


      Send All Calls

      Automatically directs calls to a pre-selected RIT telephone number(s). Send All Calls eliminates ringing at the number dialed and sends calls directly to the first point of coverage.


      Single Line


      To Activate:
      1. Dial Send Calls Code. *3 (Confirmation tone).
      2. Hang up.


      To Cancel:
      1. Dial Send Calls Cancel Code #3 and hang up. (Confirmation tone).



      1. Press SEND CALLS while on hook (lamp lights) and hang up.
      2. Press SEND CALLS while on hook. (lamp goes out)


      Select Ring

      There are two possible ringing patterns you may select


      Single Line (6220's only)

      1. At the top of the set, move the switch to either of the two settings, labeled with the bell symbols.



      To select a personalized ring.

      1. While on-hook, press and hold down CONF.
        You will hear a current ringing pattern.
      2. To cycle through all eight-ring patterns, continue to press and release CONF.
      3. When you hear the desired ring pattern, do not press CONF again.
      4. You will hear the selected ringing pattern two more times, and a Ring, Ping tone, and it will automatically be saved.


      Speaker Telephones

      Use to place or answer a call without lifting the handset, or to use speakerphone with any feature.


      Single and Multi-Line

      Models 6220, 6408, 6416 and 6424

      1. Press SPEAKER.
      2. The red light next to SPEAKER goes on.
      3. Place or answer the call, or access the selected feature.
      4. To end a call, press SPEAKER again to hang up.
      5. The red light next to SPEAKER goes off.



      Transfer a call from your voice terminal to another extension.


      Single Line

      To Activate:
      1. Press the RECALL (R) Button, Switch hook or press the FLASH button (You will hear dial tone and your call is put on hold.)
      2. Dial the number that the call is to be transferred to (remain on line and announce call, if desired). Hang up.
      3. If the number dialed is busy or not answered, press FLASH twice to return to held call.



      To Activate:
      1. Press TRANSFER.
      2. Present call is put on hold.
      3. You are given a new call appearance and hear dial tone.
      4. Green light at call appearance flutters.
      5. Dial the number where call will be transferred.
      6. Remain on line and announce call.
      7. Press TRANSFER again and hang up.
      8. If the call is not answered or if the line is busy, return to held call by pressing fluttering line appearance.


      Transfer Consult


      Multi_line Telephones Only

      Use this feature to talk privately with a coworker after answering a redirected coverage call.

      1. Press TRANSFER. (Call is put on hold.)
      2. Press CNSLT. Note: You can privately announce the call. If the coworker is not available, press the fluttering Call Appearance to reconnect to the call.
      3. Press TRANSFER again to send call to coworker.

      Home Contact View

      Contact RIT Service Center

      RSC is the first point of contact for all your technology questions or issues.
      In Person: Frank E. Gannett Hall, Room 1113
      Phone: (585) 475-5000
      Hours of Operation for ITS Support:

      Normal Hours

      Mon - Thu: 7:30 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.
      Fri: 7:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
      Sat - Sun: 12:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

      In-Person support available Mon - Fri 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (Available only when classes are in session)


      Break/Summer Hours

      Mon - Fri: 7:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
      Sat - Sun: Closed