Creation, Retention, and Disabled Account Details

Creation, Retention, and Disabled Account Details


Your RIT Computer Account enables access to RIT's campus wireless network, E-mail and Calendars, Human Resources and Student Information Systems, and many, many more services.

All RIT Students, Faculty and Staff are entitled to an RIT Computer Account. You can access most of the services as soon as your RIT Computer Account is created. Some services may take up to 24 hours to be available.

RIT Computer Accounts may be required for outside parties to access certain RIT Information Technology services and resources. A formal request must be submitted to ITS tto provide RIT Computer Account access for Business, Vendor, or Other account types.


Classes and Types of Accounts

RIT groups accounts into four classifications. Each classification includes account types:


  • Student
  • Visiting Scholar


  • Faculty
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Staff
  • Temporary RIT Staff
  • Student Empoloyee


  • Trustee/Board Member
  • Department
  • Course
  • Student Groups


  • Vendor
  • Contract
  • Retiree


These classifications guide the creationretention, resources, and access associated with an account. It is possible that an individual has multiple accounts if they qualify for an account under different groups. Automatic creation, deletion, and disabling of accounts are based on authoritative sources. For student accounts, the authoritative source is Student Records. For employee accounts, the authoritative source is the Human Resources database. There is also an "Other" classification for "Athenaeum" account types.



The purpose of RIT Computer Account Management is four fold.

  1. The conditions under which RIT students, faculty staff and others receive and can expect the deletion of a computer account are defined
  2. Current members of the RIT community experience maximized system performance and resource availability
  3. RIT experiences the economies associated with maintaining account resources for an active user community
  4. Only authorized persons are provided access to RIT computer and network resources