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UC4 Job Scheduling Services: FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Application Administrator?
An Application Administrator is the person that runs the day-to-day support and use of an application. The person is responsible to:

* Install, configure, and harden the application

* Perform application maintenance

* Support application

* Setup application user accounts

* Administer services required for applications

* Manage change control for the application

* Install application patches

* Remediate application related vulnerabilities

What is an Application Owner?
An Application Owner/Manager is the person who oversees the overall security, support and use of an application. The person is responsible to:

* Manage the implementation of appropriate security procedures and tools

* Ensure that application vulnerabilities are remedied

* Approve and audit user accounts and data access

What is the Job Scheduling Request Form?
Analysts, developers, and customers are all required to fill out a "Job Scheduling Request Form" to initiate the process for scheduling jobs within the RIT enterprise environment. All requests should be submitted 24 hours in advance; each will be evaluated and scheduled. ITS Data Center Operations Scheduler will contact the requestor via email to verify the implementation date and submit time of the job and communicate any questions, issues or concerns.

What is a Service Owner?
The Service Owner is the person accountable for the specific service within the organization regardless of where the technology components or professional capabilities reside which build it.

What is the Job Scheduling Exception Approval Form?
Job Scheduling Services are available for test and production environments Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm EST. To request Job Scheduling services outside of this window, the Job Scheduling Exception Approval Form must be completed and signed.

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