UC4 Job Scheduling Services: Service Support

Service Support

ITS and RIT Application Owners and Administrators have important roles and responsibilities within the UC4 Job Scheduling service.

RIT Application Owners are the functional owners of the application. Applications Owners are responsible for overseeing the overall security, access, support and use of an application within the Job Scheduling environment. The Applications Owner will need to identify and approve a technical Application Administrator for the application in order to begin setup within the Job Scheduling environment.

Application Administrators are expected to be a primary contact and person responsible for assisting with agent installs, job engineering, administration, and end user viewer training within scheduling environment for the application.

ITS will:

  • Provide engineering services using the application development process where a Developer and/or Business Analyst (BA) will be assigned to implement techniques in the UC4 Development environment and work with the appointed Application Administrator to fully develop and test a complete job schedule for the application.

    Techniques include:

    • Job Flow Design,
    • Module Development,
    • Chain Development,
    • Trigger Dependency, and
    • File Transmission Processing.
  • Provide job testing services where an ITS Developer and/or BA will apply schedules and perform all testing of job chains and schedules.
  • Follow the ITS Change Management Guidelines and UC4 Change Management Process to move job objects from Development to Test and from Test to Production.
  • Provide Data Center Operations job scheduling services for production chains.

    * Job scheduling service requests for changes to a job schedule or parameters must be submitted via the Job Scheduling Request Form and will be performed within the service window.

    * The production control staff will implement a job schedule within 24hours of receiving a job request form; there may be delays dependent on the complexity, priority, and number of requests in the queue.

  • Provide Data Center Operations job monitoring services for according to the scheduling service schedule. They will be responsible for proper escalation of job aborts, restarts, force completions, and/or cancels according to job documentation within the notes field of the job chain. All chains will provide this information at implementation time. No production promotions will be allowed without full information provided including all escalation notification contact information. Queues will be monitored for alerts at minimum every 15 minutes. When problems occur after following specific directions, they will be responsible for required notification as noted within the notes field.
  • Perform yearly audits to ensure appropriate cleanup and maintenance of output files, history, logs.


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