How to use RPC over HTTPS using Outlook 2003

Used to connect to the RIT Exchange server from home without having to use VPN

  1. Open Outlook and go the Tools Menu and choose Options
  2. Click on the Mail Setup tab click E-mail Accounts. Choose View or Change existing email accounts and click Next.

  3. Click on the Change button to change the Exchange server settings.

  4. Check the checkbox for "Use Cached Exchange Mode" then click the More Settings button.

  5. Click on the Security tab

  6. Make sure that the Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server box is checked.

  7. Click on the Connection tab and make sure that Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP is checked and then click on the Exchange Proxy Settings button.

  8. Type "" in the first text box.
    • Make sure that Connect using SSL only and Mutually authenticate the session when connecting with SSL boxes are checked.
    • Enter "" in the principal name for proxy server box.
    • Make sure that the bottom two check boxes are checked.
    • Make sure that the Proxy authentication settings are set to NTLM Authentication.
    • Click OK.

  9. Click Apply to apply the changes to Outlook.
  10. Click OK to the message box.

  11. Click OK, Cancel, and OK respectively to the next three windows.
  12. Close Outlook, (disconnect VPN if it is connected) and reopen Outlook. You should now be able to connect to the Exchange server without using the VPN client.