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Pocket PC Wireless Connection Setup

These instructions are designed to guide you through setting up your Pocket PC handheld device to communicate with RIT's Exchange environment, enabling you to access/edit Exhange Mail, Calendar, and Tasks.

Before Getting Started

  1. Make sure your Pocket PC handheld device is running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, version 4.21.1 or higher.

    Tab StartSettingsSystem tab → About icon

    If your handheld device does not have 4.21.1 or higher, see your owner documentation for Operating System upgrade instructions.
  2. Make sure your wireless signal strength meter/indicator has 2 or more bars/circles.

Connection Setup

  1. Tap Start
  2. Tap Programs, then Tap ActiveSync icon - You will see "Not Connected"
  3. Tap Tools (bottom left of the screen)
  4. Tap Options - You will see "PC Synchronization"
  5. Tap Server (bottom middle tab) - You will see "Server Synchronization"
  6. At "Sync with this server:", type in ""
  7. Tap Options - You will see "Server Logon Credentials"
    1. At "User name:", enter your RIT Computer Account username (i.e. abcits or abc1234)
    2. At "Password:", enter your RIT Computer Account password
    3. At "Domain:", type in "main"
  8. Check "Save Password"
  9. Tap OK (upper right corner of screen) - This will return you to "Server Synchronization"