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Hardware & Software for ITS Managed Computers

Purchasing New Computer Hardware & Software

ITS Purchasing & Support Standard

In an ongoing effort to reduce IT costs to the institute, and to improve customer service and operational efficiency, the following ITS Purchasing & Support Standard is being implemented. This standard is in effect as of February 14, 2014.

ITS provides managed desktop support services for colleges and divisions. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve customer service and operational efficiency, we are implementing updated software and hardware standards. This standard provides improved capabilities to effectively deploy applications, updates and patches, as well as detect problems. It will enable ITS to continue to improve the quality, timeliness and accuracy of support to our customers.

This standard pertains to all ITS Managed Computer hardware and software and will be reviewed on a continual basis.

Purchasing Guidelines & FAQs

Supported & Recommended Hardware

Supported & Recommended Software

Download/Update Software

RIT has a licensing agreements for many popular software programs. ITS Managed Computers are eligible to install software without extra charge. ITS has provided software applications that users can install at their convenience, without the need to contact ITS.

How do I install or update software by myself?

Windows: Install Software for Windows

macOS: Install/Update Software for macOS

The RIT Application Catalog and Managed Software Center (MSC) are used for installing ITS licensed and approved software on ITS Managed Computers at RIT.

How does ITS keep my operating system up to date?

macOS: Update macOS Operating System

Managed Software Center (MSC) is used for deploying updates for macOS that are released from Apple.