RIT Messenger System: Features & Benefits

The RIT Messenger System has several features that will allow subscribers to better facilitate how they provide information to others and how they respond to incoming messages from callers:

General Features

A 6 digit password ensures the security of your message and the system.

Personal Greetings
The Multiple Personal Greetings feature is an effective tool that allows subscribers to instruct the system to play specific greetings to different types of callers. Users define the different types of calls (such as internal or external calls, and, most importantly, TTY applications for the deaf), record different greetings and activate. These can be voice and/or TTY greetings. They can be updated frequently. They let callers know your availability and status on a regular basis.

Retention Time
Messages will be retained for a 10 day period before the system automatically deletes them.

Select Delivery Options

Confidential Private Messages
By activating a special prompt, these messages cannot be forwarded to other subscribers, therefore remaining private between sender and receiver.

Messages sent to one subscriber can be sent to another subscriber for follow up.

Distribution Lists
These lists are a convenient way to send messages to subscribers who frequently receive the same messages; it is an option of sending one message to many, similar to email distribution lists.

Mailbox to Mailbox
This is a feature of the system that allows the subscriber to forwarding messages directly to another mailbox, without interrupting other subscribers.

Priority Messages
These messages are moved to the top of the message mailbox so that they are responded to immediately.

Bulletin Boards
The system can be designed to provide daily news messages, a help service message, directions or other types of messages useful to a large group of people.

End of Message Warning
If a caller's message is nearing the allotted message time, the system will prompt the caller to wrap up their thoughts and end the message.

Mailbox Status
This feature lets subscribers know when their mailbox is 50%, 80%, and completely full.

Call Answer
The system will answer calls to subscribers when he or she is busy or unavailable and provide the caller with the opportunity to leave a message.

Disable Call Answer
This feature allows subscribers to change the parameters so that their mailbox will only play a greeting, but will NOT accept messages. This can be most useful when subscribers are on extended business trips or vacations that go beyond 10 days and where they will NOT be in contact with RIT to retrieve messages. Recall that subscribers will have messages automatically deleted by the system after the 10day period. The message subscribers can leave on their mailbox during this extended absence should include a "0"out option to an alternate coverage point (optional).

To use the "Call Answer On/Off" feature:

Log into the RIT Messenger System, from Menu select options:  5 then 7 then 1.  (this disables the Beep tone, that will prevent callers from leaving a voice mail message).  To re-enable to Beep tone, it would be the same Menu options as previously stated (this will allow callers to leave a voice mail message).


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