Managed Network Device Standard

ITS Network Communications provides telephony services, computer networking services, and voice/video/data cable infrastructure for the RIT campus including the residence hall facilities. In order to provide these services to the Institute in a manner that is both secure and reliable while making the most efficient use of resources, it is necessary to maintain a reasonable level of consistency and to operate within certain standard processes. To that end, this document provides a guideline for ITS managed wired network devices from both a physical and an operation standpoint.


ITS Network Communications manages network devices that are owned and controlled by ITS. In order for ITS to administer network equipment that is owned by a different entity within RIT, full ownership must be transferred. It should also be noted that ITS Network Communications will only take over equipment that is in the catalog of devices currently handled by ITS. Exceptions for equipment types that are not in the catalog may be granted on a case by case basis subject to the approval of ITS management.


Administrative Access

ITS Network Communications is responsible for security compliance on all ITS managed equipment and is responsible for demonstrating compliance through regular audits. In order to assure security compliance, ITS must retain sole administrative rights and can not provide customers with administrative access.


Location of ITS-managed Wired Network Equipment

ITS managed wired network devices will be housed in ITS owned and managed network spaces. In rare situations, ITS managed network devices can be funded by a customer and installed into a customer owned server room when the server room meets certain criteria. To qualify as a server room, a space must meet the requirements for a new wiring closet build-out. For reference, a new wiring closet build-out requires:

  • Dedicated power circuits for network equipment
  • E-power
  • Proper cooling and ventilation
  • Reasonable access control methods/procedures and physical security
  • Racks capable of supporting standard 19in rack mounted hardware
  • All direct connections to the switch must be made using Pre-made patch cables that terminate in the same room.

(Please note that areas used as office space cannot be considered server rooms.)


Network Design

ITS Network Communications provides network connectivity to its customers based on their requirements and is solely responsible for determining the technical details of all network solutions that are provided. Network designs are also subject to change based on customer and Institute need.



All ITS owned and managed equipment will be fully supported by ITS Network Communications and will be serviced according to the Network Communications Service Level guidelines published on the ITS website. In general ITS will provide:

  • Full technical/engineering network support
  • Hardware failure replacement
  • Hardware upgrades through central evergreen funding


Evergreen Hardware upgrades

The Network Evergreen funding plan was implemented in 2003 to ensure that existing and future network equipment in the academic administrative and residential areas function at acceptable levels and in line with the expectations of our students, faculty and staff. To accomplish this goal, the majority of evergreen funding must be directed toward replacing old equipment that is difficult to maintain, not supported by the manufacturer and lacks support for the Security Standard for Networks. ITS Network Communication attempts to accommodate customer needs, but If a customer has specific requests that cannot be accommodated by the Evergreen implementation timeline, they may choose to expedite the process by funding the replacement of the equipment supporting them. In this situation, all wired ports that are requested and cabled by the customer at the time of installation will be considered active, but requests to activate additional ports after installation will result in an activation charge. As is the case with server switches, ITS retains full ownership when a customer funds an ITS managed network device.


Extensions to the ITS managed RIT network

Any network equipment that is not owned and managed by ITS is considered an extension of the RIT network. Given the current security landscape and operational requirements to maintain stability and performance, the ITS Network Communications team reserves the right to disconnect any device used to extend the RIT network when there is reason to believe that it may be causing a problem on the network. ITS Network Communications team also reserves the right to disable any port if significant operational support or troubleshooting time is spent as a result of an extension of the RIT network. In all cases, ports disabled in these situations will only be re-enabled when ITS has agreed to a resolution that will prevent the problem from recurring.

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Getting Assistance

For problems with telecommunications or network performance, connections or other related issues/questions should be directed to the ITS Service Desk 5-4357.