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Wireless Network

ITS operates over 7,500 access points on the academic and residential sides of campus. We provide Wi-Fi 802.11 AC operating on 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums. Users have three available wireless networks that devices can connect to:

  • eduroam - RIT's preferred network for RIT community members and visitors from other eduroam participating institutions. 
  • RIT-WiFi- For devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise (802.1X Authentication).
  • RIT-Guest - RIT's Guest Network for Visitors (Access to RIT Network Services are limited).

Most users connecting from Windows, macOS, or Linux should connect to eduroam. You can connect by visiting rit.edu/wifi. Game consoles and media streaming devices usually do not support WPA2-Enterprise. These devices will have to be manually registered on start.rit.edu and use wireless network RIT-WiFi.

Students are not allowed to host their own wireless networks. For more info, click here.


RIT’s participation in eduroam allows members of the RIT community to seamlessly connect to wireless when they visit other eduroam participating institutions. Similarly, it provides seamless access to the RIT wireless network for people from participating eduroam institutions who visit the RIT campus. Learn more about how to connect your devices.


RIT Wireless Network Security

The RIT wireless network has the network name, also known as an SSID, called eduroam. The eduroam wireless network is available on all of RITs campus wireless access points in academic buildings, residence halls, and apartments.

You should be cautious about transmitting personally-identifiable or RIT's confidential information to Web sites and other systems that do not offer their own encryption, such as afforded by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) or other means. Both SSL and TLS, for example, are traditionally indicated as a lock icon in a Web browser window. 


How does using an authenticated wireless network benefit me?

The primary feature of an authenticated wireless network is to prevent unauthorized use of RIT resources, through authentication, so that the members of the RIT community who need to use the network do so with a high quality of service and safety. So individuals without a digital certificate cannot connect to the eduroam wireless network. It also provides a level of additional security through encryption of your wireless network transmissions.

Are there places on campus where a visitor can access wireless?

Visitors to campus can connect to the RIT-Guest wireless network in all campus buildings.  Please note that in order to register on the RIT-Guest, visitors must be able to provide a 10-digit cell phone number that is capable of receiving text messages. 

Is RIT tracking my use of wireless?

The primary purpose of implementing authentication on the wireless network is to protect the resource. Network records are and will continue to be collected. The authentication information is one data point that will assist in identifying the source of network traffic and issues. RIT intends to use this information to manage network usage, not to track individuals who use the network.

Will connecting to wireless network service cost me anything?

No, there is no charge associated with this service.

May I use my own personal wireless router?

No, RIT Housing Operations now prohibits personal wireless routers. This excludes portions of the RIT Inn and Conference center as RIT wireless is not currently provided in those locations. Wired routers are still allowed, as are wireless routers that have the wireless radio disabled entirely.

Why does my computer sometimes get disconnected from the access point?

Certain appliances affect the transmissions from the access point, most often microwave ovens and cordless telephones.

What about the 'RIT' wireless network?

The wireless network known as 'RIT' was the preferred secure network for campus users. This network will be retired in the summer of 2022. While advancing the campus security posture to use digital certificates instead of passwords for wireless authentication, the campus will shift to eduroam as the preferred secure network. 

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