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Wired Connection

The wired connections vary with the model of the network equipment in a particular location. These are predominantly Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet with connections at 100 or 1000 Mb/s (Megabits per second.) These wired connections are reliable and provide the best performance and quality of service.  Network devices attached to the wired network are required to be registered.


Internet Service Providers

Much like your Cable or DSL connections at home, RIT connects to its own Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide Internet access to the community. We connect to our three ISPs through multiple points on the RIT campus network as well as to the research and education (R&E) network, Internet2, for scholarly activities with other Internet2 member sites.

Each of the ISP connections is a burstable 10Gb/s but each is rate limited to the ISP at the current (and generally increasing annually) contract rate based on budget and need.

Residence Halls and Apartments

Each residence hall room is equipped (typically) with a wired Ethernet jack for each resident. These connections are directly connected through our backbone to the on-line services and the Internet. Typically the connections are 100 or 1000Mb/s connections.

The primary exceptions for this are The Riverknoll apartments. Riverknoll has no RIT network connections. Internet connectivity must be obtained through a service provider such as Time Warner. Housing Operations may have additional information on connecting to these services.


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