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Fetch is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program. It is originally from Dartmouth College and is now produced by Fetch Softworks.

Fetch Softworks has detailed on-line support information for Fetch on its Web site. The company does not offer technical support for the educational version; if you need further assistance with it, please contact us for help.


Fetch educational license

The license is free to RIT as an educational institution, and to members of the RIT community. While the license is limited, it does allow:

"Use by a student or employee of a public or accredited private school, college, university or academy; use by a student or parent engaged in home-schooling; use by volunteers or employees of a tax-exempt charity, to further the work of that charity."

You do not have the right to redistribute the serial number publicly in any fashion. The educationally-licensed product cannot be used by those who are not members of the RIT community.

Failure to honor these simple terms can result in service disruption to everyone using Fetch at RIT.


Fetch 5 educational serial number

The Fetch 5 educational license information valid for all of RIT.

Download the RIT educational serial number for Fetch 5.

Do not redistribute this serial number! It is for use within the RIT community only.

Download Fetch

You may download the latest revision of Fetch directly from the Fetch Softworks Web site. Use the RIT educational license code to register the product.

Do not publically post or otherwise redistribute the license code.


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