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ITS maintains an annual academic subscription site license for SAS for Windows. SAS 9.4 is the latest version and brings you a complete suite of products for data access, data management, data analysis and data presentation. The license provides the opportunity for RIT faculty, staff and registered students to subscribe to a suite of SAS products shown below. RIT's license for SAS has changed since previous years and we are now required to track usage that is related to teaching/research or for administrative purposes *.


What's included?

Education Analytical Suite, including the products:

  • Base SAS Software
  • SAS Integration Technologies Software
  • SAS OnlineTutor Basic and Intermediate SAS
  • SAS OnlineTutor Advanced
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2 Software
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC Software
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB Software
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to ORACLE Software
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files Software
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to SYBASE Software
  • SAS/AF Software
  • SAS/ASSIST Software
  • SAS/CONNECT Software
  • SAS/EIS Software
  • SAS Bridge for ESRI
  • SAS/ETS Software
  • SAS/FSP Software
  • SAS/GRAPH Software
  • SAS/IML Software
  • SAS/INSIGHT Software
  • SAS/LAB Software
  • SAS/OR Software
  • SAS/QC Software
  • SAS/SECURE for Windows Software
  • SAS/SHARE Software
  • SAS/STAT Software

For compatibility, a 64-bit version of SAS 9.4 is provided. Previous versions are not available for new installs or license renewals past May 2015.

How do I obtain a license?

A limited number of SAS subscriptions are available at the RIT Service Center at a cost of $200 for one year. The term of the current license is as follows:

  • Teaching and Research exclusive License *
    April 15, 2022 - April 14, 2023
  • Administrative License *
    April 30, 2022 - April 29, 2023

NOTE: There is no cost difference between the licenses, SAS just requires they be tracked seperately for auditing/accounting purposes. Also, both licenses are for 1 year, both licenses have different expiration dates, and are renewed by RIT on the first of the month they will expire.

The user agreement and chargeback form can be downloaded here.

On verification payment of the subscription fee, a request for installation will be filed with the RIT Service Center. If you are not managed by ITS, your Areas Desktop Support team can perform the installation as needed.


SAS License Renewal

The cost for SAS re-activation is also $200 for one year. Previous versions prior to 9.4 are no longer available, however, your IT support team can install 9.4 as necessary.

The user agreement and chargeback form can be downloaded here.


Additional Support

If you have questions call the RIT Service Center at 475-5000. You can also submit a question online at the



Teaching & Research
As defined by SAS, software used for purposes of classroom instruction, academic research, and course work primarily related to customer's post-secondary degree requirements. Used by students, faculty, and staff supporting such use.

As defined by SAS, software used for purposes directly related to customer's operations as a post-secondary degree granting institution. This includes institutional research and any such use related to reporting about the University to the University. Such software may be used by customer's administrative employees (including faculty performing administrative duties) for such administrative purposes.

SAS has chosen to separate licenses by these types of use, recognizing that these two distinct groups have very different software needs that we wish to address separately...with greater benefits being provided to the teaching/research group. This includes free trainer kits and higher education consulting to assist with course design, etc.

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