Setting up RIT Email in Entourage 2008

Setting up RIT Email in Entourage 2008
(RIT Faculty/Staff only! Students click here)


  1. Start Entourage 2008 using Spotlight

  2. If this is your first time starting an Office 2008 application, you may need to create an Office Identity. Fill out the information similar to the example shown below. Click "Continue", "Continue", "Continue", then "Finish" to complete the Setup Assistant:
  3. In the Entourage Setup Assistant, click the "X" as shown in the example below:

  4. Go to Tools - Accounts:

  5. Click directly on the "New" button. If you get a dropdown menu, choose "Exchange".

  6. Click the "Configure Account Manually" button:
  7. Fill out the Edit Account window with your information, similar to the example below. Then click "OK".

  8. You should now see your Inbox, and your e-mail should start downloading from the server automatically.