What We've Made

For Students, By Students

SITO is a team of Developers, Designers, and Business Analysts. Our team is composed entirely of Rochester Institute of Technology students, working to improve online academic services for current and future students.

We see our projects through from conception to production. Starting with students and campus personnel, we seek to understand user/client needs and find the best solution.

We operate as a business, establish best practices, and determine the best approach for growing the organization. SITO is always planning for what is in our future.

What We Do

Create. Develop. Execute.

SITO encourages collaboration, innovation, diversity and empowerment. Teams at SITO are multicultural and multidisciplinary providing different perspectives and opportunities for innovated solutions.

Teams are self-directed and self managed. SITO team members strive for excellence through practicing critical thinking and effective decision making skills.

Designers, Business analysts, and Developers all work together to ensure that our work is well thought through, implemented, and managed.

Who We Are

Real Work. Real Experience.

In our day-to-day work we interact with customers, give presentations, and document our processes, allowing many opportunities to develop effective communication skills.

We research possible opportunities to improve and innovate future solutions, and we work to ensure a great experience for the end user.

The SITO team is guided by senior management, who act as mentors and provide support. These advisors come from business, development, and creative backgrounds, providing a strong resource for the team.