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BS in Mechanical Engineering

Alan Nye
Assoc. Dept. Head, Automotive Option Lead, Professor

Mechanical engineering is perhaps the most comprehensive of the engineering disciplines. The mechanical engineer’s interests encompass the design of automotive and aerospace systems, bioengineering devices, and energy-related technologies. The spectrum of professional activity for the mechanical engineering graduate runs from research through design and development to manufacturing and sales. Because of their comprehensive training and education, mechanical engineers often are called upon to assume management positions.

The mechanical engineering department offers professional courses in the areas of bioengineering, energy systems, applied mechanics, manufacturing, materials science, systems analysis, computer-aided graphics and design, robotics, and automotive and aerospace engineering. The department’s laboratories are equipped to provide extensive experimentation in these areas. Laboratory facilities include a well-instrumented wind tunnel, a particle imaging velocimetry laser system for flow visualization, advanced heat transfer systems, robotics, a proton exchange membrane fuel cell, engine dynamometers, fluid flow loops, refrigeration systems, tensile testers, compression testers, torsion testers, hardness testers, X-ray diffractometer, atomic force microscope, dynamic system simulators, a spectrum analyzer, and a well-equipped machine shop.

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