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BS/MS Mechanical Engineering

Alan Nye
Assoc. Dept. Head, Automotive Option Lead, Professor

From rockets to robots, power plants to biomechanical parts, mechanical engineers put both energy and machines to work. Wherever there is motion or energy, mechanical engineers have played a role in the innovations that define modern life. Our curriculum builds a strong foundation in engineering mechanics and design tools  in the first year of study, continues with  advanced mechanical engineering subjects integrated with co-operative education, and culminates with a significant design project in the final year of study. Well-equipped facilities offer the opportunity to build models and prototypes to demonstrate particular concepts. Experimentation and research are encouraged, including undergraduates in these enriching experiences in areas such as sustainable energy systems, biomedical and assistive device technology,  systems analysis, robotics, vibrations, and automotive and aerospace engineering. Students may also choose to concentrate their studies with professional electives focuses on aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, energy and the environment or bioengineering.

Because of their comprehensive training and education, mechanical engineers are often called upon to assume management positions. They work in many different industries and businesses as product developers, researchers, prototype designers, automotive engineers, aerospace engineers, management consultants, among many others and many serve in senior leadership positions in their fields.

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