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Institute Hall

The Biomedical Engineering Department is located in Institute Hall which opened in January of 2013. The department office, teaching labs, and most of the research facilities can be found on the 3rd floor. Additional laboratories are found in the basement and on the fourth floor. The students have the opportunity to utilize these facilities for several of their courses as well as during their research activities. Facilities include:

  • Dedicated faculty research wet laboratories certified for BSL2 (750 sq. ft. each)
  • Research Computing Laboratory
  • Cell and Tissue Technologies Core Facility – Nanoparticle sizing/tracking, qPCR, flow cytometer, fluorescence plate reader, vacuum oven, centrifuges, microscopes, etc.
  • Both a wet and dry biomedical engineering teaching lab with an advanced instructional system that includes the hardware and software to perform different assessment of human physiology that include cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and nervous systems
  • A computer-based teaching and conference facility (A100)
  • Flexible classroom facilities (1st floor)
  • Recitation and conference rooms