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Research Labs

The biomedical engineering faculty are actively involved in research. Undergraduates are encouraged to participate and actively engaged in furthering these research efforts. Research studies within the department encompass a wide range of focus areas including: the analysis of ECG signals, image guided surgery, functional MRI, microfluidic device development, and the use of ultrathin membranes to study the behavior and characteristics of individual cells.

Collaboration is a key component to the success for a biomedical engineer. Faculty and students in the Biomedical Engineering department is currently working with faculty and students in departments in the College of Engineering, College of Science and College of Computing and Information Science.  Local collaborations exist with the Rochester Regional Health System, local start up companies such as SimPore, the Physical Therapy Department at Nazareth College and the University of Rochester Medical Center(U of R). There are also regional, national and international collaborations with organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, Upstate Medical Center and the Leiden University Medical Center.

An excellent example of a positive outcome of this type of collaboration that involved a long standing relationship with clinicians from the multiple divisions of the University of Rochester Medical Center, RIT College of Engineering Alumni, students and faculty from Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering Departments was the establishment of the “Cardiovascular Engineering Laboratory” that focuses on the modeling and characterization of a wide variety of cardiac and vascular diseases and pathologies.

Integrated Neuroimaging Lab (INS-3162) (if interested please contact lab director)

Biomedical Modeling Visualization and Image guided Navigation Lab (INS-3166)

Microscale Bioseparations Lab (INS-3182)

NanoBio Device Lab (INS-4151)