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Microscale Bioseparations

The MSB Lab is a research group working on separation, sorting and detection techniques of nano and microbioparticles, such as macromolecules and cells. We employ electric field driven techniques (dielectroforesis, electrophoresis and electroosmosis) in microfluidic devices. This is a very multidisciplinary area that combines microfluidics, electric fields, chemistry and biology.

The main objective is to develop robust and rapid microfluidic-based techniques to offer an alternative to traditional bench scale analytic/separation/purification processes. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the field of lab on a chip technology to enable creation of truly portable laboratories. Work is carried out with a wide array of bioparticles, from proteins and DNA to virus and many types of bacterial and yeast cells.

Projects involve both experimental work and mathematical modeling with powerful COMSOL (Burlington, Ma.) Multiphysics Modeling Software.  Currently there are several projects focusing on the manipulation of microparticles and cells with low frequency AC electric fields and on the understanding of the forces that generate dielectrophoretic capture of microparticles in microdevices. The  research efforts have been supported with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Microsale BioSeparations (MBS) Lab

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Blanca Lapizco-Encinas, Ph.D.

Phone: 585-475-2773

Fax: 585-475-4350

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